Can I-CUBES be wall mounted?
Yes, simply drill pilot holes in the rear panel. Position on wall with the rear panel at the top against the wall. Mark position on wall through pilot holes. Drill and insert suitable wall plugs. Reposition I-CUBE on wall and fix with suitable screws.

Do I-CUBES need to be fixed together?
No, you can simply free stack them one on top of another. Make sure the ground is flat and stable. Place the larger I-CUBES at the bottom of any stack unless you are creating a brick-work effect with units of simliar depths.

Q: Can I pay with a debit or credit card without a Paypal account?
You can pay with any card without a Paypal account. Click 'Guest' or 'Registered' checkout in the shopping cart. At the payment stage click 'Continue' to Paypal, then select 'Pay With a Debit / Credit Card as Guest' option and you will not require or create a Paypal account.